2019 SLIM Capital Deal Highlights



$1,500,000 for Oil Re-Recycling Facility Expansion to NEW LOCATION

This oil re-recycling operator was running a successful plant where he was at capacity in servicing his region. With so much demand to process used cooking oil from restaurants as well as used motor oil from auto repair facilities, he found an opportunity to make a duplicate plant in another state. We were able to offer 100% financing, progress funding, and cash back for roughly $500,000 of equipment he had already purchased. This was a total of$1,500,000 funded with A credit rates for an expansion to a different facility.
That is getting it DONE!

$260,000 Start Up Hemp Processor
This Serial Entrepreneur jumped at a the chance to get into the cannabis space with a start-Up Hemp Processing Facility. He came to us to finance CBD Extraction and Hemp Processing Equipment totaling $260,000. He was able to fill a supply chain need for a family member who is a large hemp grower. 765 Credit. Built in supply from day one. 20% down, 24 months. Plenty of profit margin to handle the payment.
Cannabis is in our wheelhouse!

$500,000 Building Scaffolding Hoists
This company does temporary suspended scaffolding. The owner has been in the industry for 15 years, but started his own company 3 years ago. They are licensed as a “Special Rigger” in NY to supply equipment to vendors that do window washing, caulking, brick repair/replacement. After waiting 4 years to obtain this license, our lessee was anxious to save on rental payments and own his own equipment. With city statutes requiring facades to be changed every 5 years, they had a lot of pent up demand for new hoists to fulfill an existing contract. We approved the entire amount with no cash down and no additional collateral requirement for a 36-month term.
SKY is the LIMIT for this LESSEE!

$400,000 in Technology Equipment for an Off Site Data Center

This Digital effects studio needed additional server capability to handle the new production contracts they received for a new Netflix series. The challenge here was that they have a 49% silent investor that was not going to guaranty. We were able to fund $400,000 of server/tech equipment that was located in a data center in another state, without the investor’s guaranty.
It’s Showtime!

$300,000 for Roll off Trucks and 20 Construction Containers
This client does land debris clearing and construction rubbish removal. After having built his fleet of containers and roll off trucks, he found himself having taken on large amounts of debt in a short period of time. This resulted in cash flows that did not support the proposed debt service coverage. We got creative by structuring payments that allowed the client to get the equipment he needed to support the continued work he is getting from the hurricane hit communities.
We’re helping keep the streets clean!