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$500,000 Building Scaffolding Hoists

This company does temporary suspended scaffolding. The owner has been in the industry for 15 years, but started his own company 3 years ago. They are licensed as a “Special Rigger” in NY to supply equipment to vendors that do window washing, caulking, brick repair/replacement. After waiting 4 years to obtain this license, our lessee was anxious to save on rental payments and own his own equipment. With city statutes requiring facades to be changed every 5 years, they had a lot of pent up demand for new hoists to fulfill an existing contract. We approved the entire amount with no cash down and no additional collateral requirement for a 36-month term.
SKY is the LIMIT for this LESSEE!

$80,000 Start Up Dry Cleaner

This client has 15 years’ experience in running dry cleaning operations. She incorporated almost 2 years ago and has steadily acquired the necessary equipment to open. She was approved by an A tier lender but they wanted 20% down. She did not want to put the 20% down and was open to paying a higher cost of capital to keep those funds. Start-ups are risky, but secondary income and low expenses sparked our interest in the deal. Total amount of the dry-cleaning equipment is $80K. SLIM was able to fund the deal on a 48-month term and without the 20% down.
This one ended up with a “clean” happy customer.

$200,000 Auto Body Expansion

This client began his operations as a hand car wash and expanded into selling used cars and auto body repair. Realizing his larger margins in body work, he decided to grow that side of the business by building out the vacant area next to his existing building by adding bays for body work. Typically, because it is considered a separate business, Auto Body repair, most lender would consider it a startup but SLIM understood the story, took a lien on the property as collateral and approved the deal for a 48-month term.
Auto Body Repair has a whole new look!

$320,000 Two 2019 Trucks

A Trucking company that was looking to grow its fleet of 15 trucks by adding two new trucks. We reviewed the cash flows, the credit, the overall profile and approved 2 trucks with NO MONEY DOWN on a 60 month term. The challenge here was that the client had maxed out limits for financing from the captive finance lenders and needed an affordable solution.

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